Fashion stylist and photographer Anouk Hart dreams up breathtaking tales of women, portraying their strength and sensuality. Whether it be through her styling or her photography Anouk always aims to capture the pure, at times raw beauty of the girl in front of her lens. She therefore doesn’t just shoot models, but also people that simply touch her heart. Turning their characteristic flaws into perfections, making their personal story felt through her pictures. Anouk is a romantic at heart who travels the world to keep her mind open to the new, unexpected and offbeat. These qualities are always present in her work. When it comes to styling she has a penchant for underscoring and embracing the feminine in subtle ways with warm flashes of color and an eclectic twist. For Anouk visuals are suppose to tell a story and she takes a very poetic, heartfelt approach to her art. In the words of legendary editor Diana Vreeland: the eye has to travel.